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European Directives

The Directives were created by the European Union (EU) to ensure the free movement of goods and services. They are intended to remove all barriers to trade in Europe that may be caused by repeated testing and certification of products and equipment to comply with the regulations of the markets of the individual EU Member States.

Independent testing, verification or certification of a product in accordance with a directive should be carried out by bodies approved by the Community governments and notified to the European Commission.

ELTEST CERTIFICATION Ltd. is an approved body and can provide independent certification under the relevant directives that your business requires in order to deliver products and services safely and according to customer expectations.

ELTEST CERTIFICATION Ltd. is a Notified Body for certification of products of the European Commission with identification number NB 2024 under:

- ? Directive 2014/30/EU (MC) introduced in the Republic of Bulgaria through the Ordinance on Essential Requirements and Conformity Assessment for Electromagnetic Compatibility (NCIS EMC)
- ? Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) introduced in the Republic of Bulgaria through the Ordinance on Essential Requirements and Conformity Assessment of Radio Equipment (NSIS RED)

Why Certification?

In order to be sold internationally, consumer electronics, radio equipment and telecommunications products must be approved. They are issued by government agencies and recognized certification bodies.
Because testing criteria vary from country to country, the approval process can entail significant effort and expense.

Since 2016 we have been working in full compliance with the new EMC and RED Directives.

How can we help you?

Since 2006 ELTEST CERTIFICATION Ltd. provides manufacturers and importers with the service of conformity assessment for electromagnetic compatibility to devices and fixed installations, as well as the conformity assessment of radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment, issues final documents (Certificate) and is one of the first organizations, independent, independent providing this service.
Our portfolio caters to the approval and certification processes of the EU, and many other international markets.
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